Enjoy the latest progress in AtomicMolecular Physics

The Portuguese Physics Society (SPF) and the Group of Atomic and Molecular Physics (GEFAM) of the Spanish Royal Societies of Physics (RSEF) and Chemistry (RSEQ) are proud to announce the 16th edition of the IBERIAN JOINT MEETING ON ATOMIC AND MOLECULAR PHYSICS.

The biannual IBER Conference Series brings together international researchers and scientists of the Iberian community dedicated to Atomic and Molecular Physics, facilitating the scientific interaction and exchange of knowledge between research groups.

Best Moments


The Conference Venue is the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Málaga. The Faculty of Medicine is within walking distance of the city center and is also connected by bus and subway. Málaga has an extensive cultural and touristic offer which includes a large number of Hotels.


The entry to the School of Medicine

Main Hall

Large conference room for talks


An appropiate place for coffee breaks between talks

Practical Tips

A few notions to bear in mind


Face masks may be required for indoor/outdoor use. Please check travel health requirements at 


Previous registration is required to attend the event, don’t forget to check the deadlines.


Politeness is a must, give the appropiate treatment to the researchers.


Hotel accommodation is not provided by the Conference, but if you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact us.